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Name: Gordon

Age: 62

Goals: Weight loss and strength

Tim has been the personal trainer for my 2 sons and myself for 5 years now. Throughout we have been impressed by his personalized approach to our sessions. He knows what we want and need and has devised excellent training plans that fit our desires/abilities but are never standardized, repetitive, or boring. He knows when to turn it up a notch and when to dial it back a bit all the while motivating us to improve. He delivers results. His knowledgeable nutrition and supplement advice is a further benefit for us. Add to that his relaxed and humorous personality and it's always a positive experience to work out with Tim. I can unreservedly recommend Tim for your training needs. 

Name: Pat

Age: 61

As an active person; cycling, running and swimming, I felt I had reached a plateau and needed help to increase my strength & endurance. My husband recommended Tim and 4 years later I continue to train twice weekly.

Training with Tim has definitely improved my cardio fitness, strength & endurance.

There is never a dull moment, each training session is unique and Tim often introduces new exercise for muscles I did not know existed.

As a 61 year old women and a family history of osteoporosis, weight training is now an essential component of my fitness regime.  I highly recommend Tim as a trainer, you will work hard but the results are worth it...

Name: Clive

Age: 57

Primary Goal: Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle 

I was initially skeptical of personal training, however, since I began training with Tim back in 2015, I have managed to lose weight (and keep it off), and the weight I do have is a documented greater percentage of lean vs fat body mass than when I started.  My blood glucose levels have also dropped and stabilized, to the point where my doctor is considering dropping some of my Type 2 diabetes medications.  

These results have stemmed not only from the actual workouts with Tim, but also from following his tailored nutritional and fitness advice.  He explained why I wasn't seeing results with my usual fitness regimen, and how I might actually be causing myself injuries from repetitious and overly focussed routines. He has also been a wealth of nutritional and dietary information.  

Tim's friendly and motivating attitude towards fitness and health in general has kept me coming back even on those days where I dreaded working out, and would normally have skipped the gym.  The workouts are challenging, but are never beyond my abilities, and I was surprised how quickly I blew past my perceived fitness "limits"!  I am also impressed that Tim was able to effectively modify my workouts when I was suffering from various maladies, such as a shoulder injury.

Name: Kimberley

Primary Goal: Strength, fitness and overall wellness

My Trainer: 

I have been working with a trainer for the last 10 years.  Tim is my third one since I started my fitness journey.  He came highly recommended by my previous trainer who decided to leave the industry.  He knew that I wanted to train with a seasoned professional who was well rounded and personable. Tim was and is all that! My fitness goal is to remain strong and agile as I age and through Tim's guidance I have been able to consistently increase my strength and stamina.  I have been training with Tim for three years now. Through this period I have gone through many life struggles and Tim has been there for me every step of the way. I love Tim's positive outlook on life and his passion for fitness. Tim is very good at navigating the hurdles that a woman goes through as they age and has been wonderful in changing things up on the fly to accommodate the challenges that impact my motivation, energy levels and fitness and wellness goals. If you are looking for a supportive coach who knows what they are doing, Tim is your guy!  Thanks Tim for all your words of encouragement and ability to bring the best out of me. I am so thankful for all that you do!

Name: Martin

Age: 44

Primary Goal: Improved overall fitness and endurance

I had the pleasure to have Tim as my personal trainer for about 5 years and he has always been attentive, devoted and very supportive.  He was able to provide varied workout plans according to my goals, being aware of my abilities and limitations. Tim knows just how to push you, enough to keep it challenging and fun, but not to the point of going overboard. Tim works WITH you and wants you to succeed, and it shows.

Since starting my workouts with him, my endurance has improved significantly, and I have more confidence towards my abilities to transform and achieve my goals.

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